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Small, familiar mammal with soft hair, oblong and shiny eyes, triangular ears, and retractable claws. ➙ KITTY (MINOU)

You are looking for healthy and natural products for you and your family, and the same goes for your pet. Pets have become family members, and we know how important it is for you to offer them the best. That’s why we analysed and selected products for you. This way, you are assured to find only the best quality products at Pitou Minou & Compagnons.


We are specialized in pet food. Each cat is unique and requires a food formula that will meet all its needs. That’s why you’ll find over twenty different brands of food in stock at each branch. We offer an incredible range of choices to make sure you find the best for your cat’s needs. Don’t hesitate to talk to our pet nutrition experts about your cat’s health condition so that we can guide you towards the most appropriate food for your cat.


We offer a selection of natural supplements to prevent and/or improve certain health conditions. Whether it’s for dental problems, hairballs, joint pain or other issues. Don’t hesitate to talk to our animal nutrition experts about your cat’s health condition so that we can guide you towards the most appropriate supplements for your cat.


You will find in our stores a variety of food products as well as many accessories that will please your pet. We have an impressive inventory of toys, treats, cat trees, litters, leashes, collars, beds, dental products and much more. Each item sold in our stores is selected for its quality and safety for your pet.

Why does my cat spit out hairballs?

Ingestion of too much hair can cause hairballs. Regular brushing is recommended to prevent hairballs. Giving a quality food will also prevent hairballs by reducing hair loss and providing fiber to evacuate the hair already ingested. Come see us in store for more information and solutions.

Why does my cat regurgitate his kibble after eating?

There are several possible causes. The most common is eating too quickly. Cats with a sweet tooth tend to eat too quickly. A change in food can create excitement and lead to quick ingestion. Interactive bowls can slow down the consumption of food. Come see us in store for more information and solutions.

Why does my cat always want to drink from the tap?

Cats don’t like stagnant water. They prefer tap water, because it is fresh and oxygenated. Moreover, it creates a noise that is intriguing to cats. A good solution is to offer your cat a water fountain that will provide all the advantages of drinking from the tap. Come see us in store for more information.

Why does my cat go crazy with catnip?

Catnip causes about 70% of cats to react simply by smell. The organic composition of some plants creates a euphoric effect in some cats for up to 30 minutes. During this time, cats can rub, roll, and play intensely. It is safe for cats, even if used regularly. Come see us in store for more information

Why does my cat keep waking me up at night?

Although cats are crepuscular (more active in the morning and evening), some cats prefer to be active at night. Your cat may start meowing, scratching at your door or running back and forth. There are interactive cat toys to keep them occupied while you sleep. Come see us in store for more information.

How old is my cat?

It is commonly said that a year in a cat’s life equals seven years of human life. In fact, it is a bit more complicated than that, because the cats reach maturity faster than humans.


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Other than quality pet food, you will find in our stores many accessories, toys and treats for your loving kitty.