can I change my pet's food

Can you imagine eating the same thing every day for the rest of your life? If we did that we would most certainly develop some kind of deficiency, so why are we advise to feed our pets this way? Feeding your pet the same food for years will only benefit the pet food company not your pet.

If we go back to the wild and observe how wild cats and dogs have been eating for centuries we can confirm that their wild menu is composed of mixed prey. The diets of our companions should also be different so that they can obtain the important nutrients that they may be lacking from eating the same food for years.
It is recommended to add variety to your pet’s diet unless your dog or cat suffers from a severe food allergy or has food intolerances that cause digestive problems

The first step to provide a mixed menu is to select a quality food adapted to the life style of your pet. Make sure that the food is made from quality animal proteins (no by-products), minimal digestible carbohydrates and natural sources of preservatives and additives.

Allow your dog or cat to eat the food for at least a month to insure that they do not have any digestive issues. If no problems arise , you can select another food produced by the same pet food company. For example; you might be giving a food that contains chicken, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, carrots and blue berries, you can alternate with a different recipe that contains fish, white rice, oatmeal and cranberries made by the same pet food company. Give the second diet for at least 2 weeks to rule out any digestive problems with the new ingredients in the diet. If your pet shows no digestive problems (diarrhea or vomiting) the food is highly digestible and you can now alternate with these two diets on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

can I change my pet's food

You can add a third diet from the same company following the same procedure. There are many pet food companies that make excellent pet foods. Choose at least two companies that provide a selection of recipes that contain different protein sources and see what your pet likes. Follow the recommendations above then, create variety in your pets diet, because dogs and cats like to taste something different too!

If you need help in selecting the best food for your pet visit your Global Pet food store, they have qualified animal nutritional consultants that can help you choose the best food for your pet.

Chantale Robinson  MA. SC. A.H.T
Biologist, Animal Health Technician